Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Barks and Recreation

Ever been enthralled with stuff...
That had Paws. Claws...or Fluff?
Treated 'em like Lil' Dolls and such
For their love you'll take a Pause to touch... ???

Well, if not you (howcouldjoo?!), meet Brittany Barker.
A chihuahua's Champion. A horse's Heroin. The teeniest kitten's never quittin' her Love's emittin'. With any and all pets, she's smitten. ('cept the slimy ones)

Have a heart and help Miss Brit raise fund$ to support the continuing efforts of the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA.
On Saturday, May 1st, held down by (y)our donation$, Brit will peticipate in the Society's annual 2010 Walk for Animals.

Got a dolla? HOLLA! 10? SPEND! Twenty? GIMME! I mean, "Give it to Brit!"
Any and every contribution, no matter how high or low, will help the effort!

$$$ RAI$E THE RUFF! $$$
(And if you DO, say #teambarker sentcha!)