Thursday, January 24, 2008

What every single girl's dreams are made of...

Just when I thought I was having a BAAADDD day. When my world was crumbling around me. When I felt my weave was tangled, mangled and loose and my already double chin was inviting another layer over to join in the fun...I see this!...and **singing like Billy Ocean** SUDDENLYYYYYY my day is full of sunshine and rainbows and endless bottles of Wilson's Creek Moscato held by a half-nekkid and smiling, and 'ever-ready' Idris Elba.
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Is it just me...or do the colors in this photo remind you of the sheer tastiness of a rotting umbilical cord?!!!


Anonymous said...

Ummm Flav and the colors remind me of the man in that getto flick "Tales From the Hood". He may be unmistakingly unattractive 3rd world UGLY but seems to be a cool guy.LoLoL