Thursday, February 28, 2008

**paging Jermaine Dupri**


JD, mayne! GETCHA GIRL! Look at Janet gettin' close to another ninja. Takin' flicks today...takin' dem drawls tomorrow!!
Look at 'im. He sportin' a lil' bling-blang. Got a smoove, suaaaave smile. Don't look like he gotta use a ladder to get to the pussay. Homey is BUILT, too! Got guns like the Wild West!
Betta watch ya back!

**reviewing photo again**

Oooooohh!! Yo!!!!!!!! My bad, Serena! You lookin' shaaaaarrppp! Ya baboon feminine game is WAAAAYYY strong in that red halter dress. Don't hurt 'em!!! Do ya thang, ma!!!
**runs reeeaaalll fast**