Friday, May 9, 2008

Cuz ya azz coulda been somewhere in a Bissel

In honor of the lady that blew up her spot cuz her and whoever ya daddy is got hot, here’s a lil’ sumthin’ from Mr. T doing it WAAAAYYYY BIG **sarcastic face** with 3 of your elementary school’s PTA members. Shouts to Peg, Nancy and Linda for getting’ BODIED for Mama Say Mama Sah Muh Ma Koo Sah.

Bumper Robinson, I see you, clockin’ them 80’z child star bucks like, “N, what!” Where you at now and how are you survivin' the times now that pretty hair ain’t cuttin’ the checks like it used to?

But REAL rap...
To all the women who had babies outta love and cuz you didn't know no better, an abortion was out of the question or too expensive or to try to keep those SERIES of sorry azz ninjas, the overwhelming desire to nurture and care for another human being:

You ARE appreciated!
**side-eyein' my Ma Duke** Even if and when you used to get Big Black out with NINJA-LIKE precision and speed and made FA SHO' the buckle hit my nekkid thighs at least a couple dozen or hun'nid times! **wonderin' what CPS's statute of limitations is**