Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'll Suck Yo KNIT

If you're reading this post, it's cuz Her Royal Headwrapstress has yet to respond to my request for tickets to her show in San Diego tonight. **pours out a LOT of disappointment**

So, to show her that I'm a TRILL live fan, NOT just a broke beezy trying to get hook-ups and shizz, I've instituted the World Famous SavvyFattyFreakMixxx3000 in honor of 1 of my fave songs of hers, "Other Side Of The Game."
(For those not versed in the Bible of Badu, I've freaked the funk of the lyrics featured in the 0:48-1:47 minute marks)

"Do I realllaayyy...want some ticketssss?
Badu, tell meeeee/What to doooo-ooo-oooo
I know you got to get yo hustle onnnnn...
You got 3 kiiiiiiddddsss
I understand you got...mad bills
But I love your sooonnngggs (Mmmm...)

What I'm gonna do when the concert's through?
I'm gonna curse my bank account and then cry real tears
Yes, I wiiillll...."

**drops mic; does the Tah-DAAAHH!**

Anything? Bueller?...BADUELLER?!!

Oh, and shouts to my ultimate fantasy man, Andre 3000 aka Benjamin Andre and his loc'd out 90s look making a cameo in his baby mama's vid. He never was really convincing in his role as a D-boy. So, instead, I imagine him as a New Age Trapper; slainging juices and berries by the kilo along with fat sacks of fine, original poetry verses and tweed knickers by the boat load. AY! OK!


GOODENess said...

I hate that I loev you for the REMIX and then "I looked over to the left!" (a la Tweet) and saw that cinnabon madness! I LOVE IT!! but I feel u on the BADU-ness...she lives in Dallas (most of the time) and her shows here are high as alien genitaliens... and I be lke negress you STAY here... 80- bux for real? FAIL!

yeahisaiditworld said...

Shyd, I missed her show when she was performing here in Los Angeles a few years ago for New Year's Eve at House of Blues! $200.00 (with a neckbone and a potato included)!!!! No, I didn't go for I found out at the last minute and tickets were sold out! Why do I love thee so heavenly Badu! Can u find it in your heart to Badown the ticket prices? Thank you!!!

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

She ain't get back to you, even after the offer to watch her kids?? Shit...I woulda jumped @ the chance!!