Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fa real?!

Raise your hand if you need another velour tracksuit?!?!?

**sees people choking themselves out, peeps one person with a butterknife to their wrist, peeps Amy Winehouse and her Blake walkin' in**

Ok...didn't think so. But if you did, that would be fine! Just know that 2002 is calling and wants its fashion craze back. :-i

photo courtesy of Crunktastical tacky lacefront weave-wearin' bitches who tryna scrounge up enough money to pay the mortgage on that regular ass 2BR/1BA "mansion" from "How I'm Livin" news...Trina, the hip hop world's PREMIERE fashionista (ninja pleez!), is coming out with a clothing line, Pink Diamond Couture. The line promises to make you just as swap meet/flea market/nail shop/welfare office fresh as Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat do now!

So, ladies: Grab your hot pink Razrs, the keys to your Mazda 323s, and text Shaweendryah and Tyerafeece and tell them to get to Demo ASAP!
But don't run TOO fast. I wanna go!...and you KNOW I'm fat! And you KNOW I can't stand to live my days without looking THIS type of classy:

**wipes self down with an ocular douche**

What happened to 'riginality?!?!? Why everybody gotta come out with a dayum clothing line?!?!?

TRINA?!?! A clothing line?!?! That's like me coming out with a line of dietary products or exercise DVDs.
She would do MUCH better coming out with a line of inspirational cards offering young women tips on how to survive the years of being a concubine to a famous female Hip Hop artist/producer in order to support the "Glamorest Life." And if she needed assistance, Tweet could be her business partner! **whispers** Cuz you know that "Ooops!" dough is LONG spent on truckloads of dental dams. And/or laundry detergent to remove those Mac Viva Glam stains from her sheets .


NatelyRenee said...

Trina looks like shit! her fat ass tho...but EEEEW....that wig is awful!!! YOU? You kill me....everyday...please join me on the road...write my jokes..i'll tell you the throw in those one fuckin KILL ME... hahaha

msfre said...

where did we find you? omg...i am dying! love my daily dose of breezie baby..... start posting earlier when i am still at work, dag!
sidebar, i look fly in my APPLEY bottoms, cuz i got

Starboyant Carlos said...

funny post

Starboyant Carlos said...

funny post