Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Black History Month, SNITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!! Vol. 5.0

You KNOOOOWWWWW I GOTTA hit you all off with something from my proud, rich history and legacy. I mean, if I DIDN'T, what kind of SavvyFatty would I be?!?!!! Huh?!?!! What?!?! HUHHH!?!?!!!

You know why I do it, right?!??!! It's cuz...
YOU MUST LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!

1942-Tuskegee Airmen initiated February 19th.
The Army Air Corps' all African American 100th Pursuit Squadron, later designated a fighter squadron, was activated at Tuskegee Institute. The squadron served honorably in England and in other regions of the European continent during World War II.


msfre said...

dag, if only they didn't have the syph... i would have been lettin them all hit.. i wonder if granny did?