Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In the world of Whitey...

We can't have NUTHIN! First black men (WHY'D they have to take Gary Coleman, lawd?!?! I ain't seen quality ASH on knuckles like that in DECADES! WHHHYYYYYY?!?!?!?!! Goodbye CRUEL WORLD!!! **puts butterknife to throat**), then weaves, baby daddy drama, and now cheap ghetto hair dye!!


Ghetto Bitches (Whatchu lookin around for?!!! You know who I'm talkin to! Any of y'all whose names end in -sha, -la, -ka, -ette, -ta, -ique, etc):
TELL ME that Cherry Cola-colored scalp and uneven color deposit aint a dead giveaway to the fact that Brit-Brit was in her kitchen mixing the finest of grape and "red" Kool-Aid packs into a Rubbermaid bowl and slathering it onto those "quality" Great Lengths lady "lovely" locks to get that Shaqueshaiyiah look?

Actually, I ain't even gon' hate. Besides the bootleg dye job, her hair ain't lookin half bad for a much needed change. She got that Michael Jackson layered look going on. HEHE! WHOOO!

THIS is the dude who had Amy gettin' "Urban" at the Grammys. Here's her "Blake who's in-caw-suh-ray-did." If this ain't a fiiiiiine piece of cemetary meat...I don't know what is!
Wipe him down with headstone and a lawnmower!
Oh! And a Kleenex. Cuz with that Rudolph the red nose, he MUST have a cold...riiiiigghhhttt?!?!!!

In bitches I'd like to fuck...SOOOOONNN as they hit 18 (No. R. Kelly!!) news:
Peep the successor to Oprah's throne (cuz I ain't leavin my BILLION DOLLA BABYGIRL ALONE no time soon!)

This lil young rich bitch could get it in front of my pastor!!! I'd lay her lil young WEALTHY ass on a bed of "OUR" thousand dolla bills and go to WORK! She'd get the BEEEEESSSSSTTTT of BOTH WORLDS, alright!!!


msfre said...

why was i just telling the girls about kool-aid dye jobs.... they couldn't believe me! LMAO you was, what 3 during that era? lol

msfre said...

names ending in sha, -la, -ka, -ette, -ta, -ique, etc you wrong for that. LMAO they can't help it they mama's wus ghetto