Thursday, February 21, 2008

**bustin a FONKY rhyme 1 time for ya mind** I believe him! His heart's barely BEATIN'!!!

His hips barely workin'!
He ain't out there cheatin'!
**beatboxin like The Fat Boys**

Senator John McCain, or as I so affectionately call him "Centrum Silver" is accused of hittin' off one of his lobbyist homegirls, Vicky Iseman.

I ain't no Republican and honestly, I could care less what ancient white folks do with their pink meats. **vomits on wisdom tooth**
However: I do say he's innocent!


Tell me THIS lil' vivrant thang would let CS break her off somethin' proper like a real showstopper?!?!?
Vicki Iseman

Ummm...NO!!!! Vick-Vick ain't hardly tryna have a "The Color Purple" moment. Y'all remember when Celie was at her father's funeral and saw her maaadd young stepmama. Remember she asked homegirl how her father died. And young chick said, just after covering the ears of her little one: "On toppa me."
EWWWWW!!!! FUUUCCKKKK NOOO!!!! Ain't NOOOOOBODY checkin for nursing home meat.
Plus, look at that pic of him. How sexy is catchin Bell's Palsy while trying to make your "OH!" face?

(HEY! DON'T even fix your gums and tongue to mention Hugh Hefner and his Heffas Next Door. I'm convinced there's some "Weekend At Bernie's" type shit going on with that sitcho. But that's for another time...and another place. ;-D)

McCain is innocent! Plus, was Viagra poppin' then?!?!?!!! Cuz if he IS gettin' any, you know he's poppin' Blue Pills while workin wood wheel...chairs that is. ;-)


NatelyRenee said...

Nursing home meat??? LMFAO!!!

msfre said...

on toppa me... ahahaha Ceeeeelieeee. Centrum Silver? my word.....
why is there a handicap placard next to the word verification? *sigh*