Friday, February 22, 2008

It's a set of...big booty skeletons!

Jennifer Lopez and her Halloween hubby Marc Anthony welcomed their twins this morning. A girl and a boy, named Arroz y Con Pollo, respectively.

What a douche, right?!?!? HAHAAHAHAA!!! I KEED! I KEED!

But real talk, congrats to J-Lo and the Walking Dead. She's finally a mommy. **reppin' for my Spanish readers** I meant "Mami."
Ayy! Ayy! Ayy Chico! since she'll be at home taking care of her Los Rugratos, does that mean she won't be blessing the world with anymore Oscar-worthy movie performances? No more sequined embellished velour tracksuits? No more classic double acrylic albums?!?! No more ass cleavage jeans?!??! But...but...where am I gonna go when I need a CAMEL TOE?!?!?!?!!!!
How am I gonna "Get Right" while she keeps me "Waiting For Tonight?" OH! OHHHH!!


nica said...

to be honest w u ms.lo-lo is just gettin it started! she's bout to bring us jlo for baby! so now all of ur friends kids can look like her! and from wut i hear she's gonna do an all espanyo lula-bye album! so don't think jlo has settled down oh no my saavy sista! ps i'm still over here slowly dyin @ centrum silver(gotta luv old balls jokes!)