Friday, February 22, 2008


A GW Bush LIBRARY?!?!?!

Details emerge for George W. Bush library
Article courtesy of: Dallas Business Journal

Southern Methodist University will disclose on Friday the planned details of the George W. Bush presidential library.
According to published reports, the university will announce a 99-year-lease, with available extensions for up to 246 years. Other reports say the library will cost between $200 to $500 million to build. All of the money will come from private donations.
The site selected for the library is near the intersection of Central Expresway and SMU Boulevard.
Final approval for the project, which is expected to take up to five years to complete, must be given from the Methodist Church, which owns the land.
More than 11,500 individuals have signed an online petition urging the church to deny land rights for the library. The petition was launched by a collection of Methodist ministers and church officials.
According to recent findings by American Research Group Inc., a national polling firm, President George W. Bush has an approval rating of 19 percent -- the lowest in recorded American history.
Still, the library is expected to become a significant tourist attraction for the Dallas area; various projections put the economic impact of the library at several hundred million.
SMU officials involved in negotiations with the Bush Foundation regarding the library were not immediately available to comment on Friday.

A library?!?!! Word. Ok. I know the book (yes, SINGULAR!) they'll be carrying:

I know AAAALLL presidents get a library, it's one of the perks of the job...but come on now! THIS NINJA?!?!?!?! THIS NINJ RIGHT HERE?!?!?!!
Does someone who couldn't tell if a book was RIGHT SIDE UP or not, sportin' a 19% approval rating deserve it?

Fuck it!!!!!!!!! Next year, in a hood near you, squeezed between the Check Cashing Place and Kim's Nails, right across from the Hot Links and Waffles spot...I'm opening SavvyFatty Fitness. I mean, this ninj can't read and is getting a LIBRARY! Shouldn't my fat ass be able to open a gym?!?!?!