Friday, March 7, 2008


Are these pure, unadulterated HOTNESS or what?!!?!!
Sassy and fun. For the hot bitch on the run. Like my rhymes? Really?! Ok...I'm done. **tears** HAHA!
Right now I'm TOTALLY checkin' for these snake-print tan and black booties available at (My new favorite purse AND shoes jumpoff spot!)

Peep how these booties transition flawlessly from weekdays to weekends.

Work Game Proper:

Wow 'em at your 9 to 5 and show 'em how you can multi-task AAAANND multi-sass in a white ruffled shirt, skinny brown crop pants, quilted blue bag with gold hardware, gold hoops, and a muted face. And your snake-print booties, too, of course!
You might not get that raise you've been overtime working and overtime ass-kissing for, but at least Nancy over in Accounting will envy the SHIT out of your ass since you STAY flossy and bossy on her calculatin' and FOREVER hatin' ass. ;-)

Hanging Out HOT!

Ok, so ya eco-friendly homegirl texts you to invite you to a recycling drive going down at the local community center. You're not really interested as you don't think twice about tossing your empty water bottle into the trashcan or running your shower for a good 15 minutes before actually getting in. However, it IS an opportunity to learn something,brighten your horizons and stop being such a wasteful douche. So you oblige.
Now tell me: Isn't this the PERFECT outfit to get your "Save Mother Earth" on?
Graphic print-tee, rugged cargo shorts, fat wooden bracelet (sorry tree!), an arm full of gold bangles, brown mascara and dewy lips. Ooh! And a canvas tote to carry all the "Plant a Tree" seed packets that are sure to be handed out heavy-like. And ya booties...that you have to defend to several eco-PETA'ites as being "Snake-PRINT only!"

Environmental Evenings

So Jeb, the new "green" guy you met at the recycling drive, invites you to "An Evening of Awareness" fundraising gala being held at the new, trendy boutique hotel Downtown. He tells you it's casual and to wear what you want because he's gonna be rockin' out in ripped jeans, Adidas Rastas, and a Bob Marley Day 1999 commemorative T-shirt. (And HOPEFULLY! PLEASE GOD! several spritzes of Axe bodyspray!) But the event IS being held at one of the hottest spots in town. You wouldn't be caught DEAD in a dingy wifebeater, flip flops, floor-length tie-dyed skirt and 'pit hair.
So this is what you pull together:
White Macaron dress, orange bag (similar to your blue one, but now you're AAALLL about the earth tones!), gold aztec cuff bracelet, white and pink gold drop earrings along with golden eyes and gilded lips. Ooh! And the booties that brought you and Jed together in the first place after he spilled a bag of recyclables RIGHT on your toes.
Mother Earth who?!?!! Lookin' this fly, you'll be the baddest MOTHER in the building!


Anonymous said...

Will u be my stylist...PLEASE?!?!?!!

kimmysan said...

Mang!! When I make my dozens and DOZENS of dollar, I'mma make sure to employ your ass as my personal stylist to keep me looking tight at my book signing in aisle 9 at believe it!! lol...