Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Young BUCKED...or not?!

I'm honestly sick and tired of 50 Cent and his constant bitchin' and moanin'. The ninja cry so much I wanna hand him a bottle of Midol, a hotwater bottle, a roll of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough while rubbing his forehead and assuring him things'll be better in the morning. DAMMIT! Wipe him down with LESS 'bitchmade!'
Now, supposedly, in an interview with Miss Jones from New York's Hot 97, he's kicked Young Buck outta G-Unit. Not off G-Unit the label, but out of the Girl Scout troop that is G-Unit the group. Read more here.

Really, I can care less. I ain't been checkin' for G-Unit since... **breaking out my Jesus & The 12 Apostles calendar** ...NEVER. Dos tears in a bucket.

As long as I can still have my fantasies of Buck slamming me up against a dark alley wall and pushing my denim Venezia skirt up to my neck while angrily whispering into my ear about how much of a NASTAY BEEYATCH I am, I'll be a Happy Fatty!
Lawd! It's just something about that Ig'Nit Dick look in his eyes! And the charcoaly goodness of his lips that have solidified the fact that he can rip my Caciques AAAWWWFF ANYday!


Sane said...

LMAOOOOOOOOOO. What up Savvy Fatty! The alley visual killed me. OMG. As for this "2nd Grade" - you can't play with us nomore - beef that continues to come from the Gorilla camp, pretty soon ain't nobody gon' be left over there.

Anonymous said...

Lol, yeah thnx 4 the visuals....He is sexiii than a mug

Miss Sweetberries said...

Loved the alley visual. Young Buck could get without even asking for it....

msfre said...

the link is not working.
what kind of event is this? men of sophistication sounds like some skrippers.....
I can't get past "upscale and classy" for 5.00.......*sigh*