Thursday, July 17, 2008


My bad y’all. I’ve been on a small intelligence/takin' my freedom break.

There’s TONS going on in the political world that those of us scratchin' and survivin' and dayum near hangin' inna chow line! (<--for YEARS I thought it was "'hangin' eatin' chowduh!") should be aware of.
Add that to the fact that at times it gets uber-overwhelming for the kid to slave for my pay, tend house, blog and research, network, self-improve, clear my DVR, hang out, bullshit, and sleep (or be slept with! Mmmm…) all within a 24-hour period. So I take these mini-vacays when I need some time to clear my mind. It’s nothing against noooooboday; you knowz I love y’all like fat kids love to sit out at gym.

Soon I’ll be back like bra straps and flat asses or churches havin’ masses, ok-k-k?!
Until then…you can find me on the Twitter. Or probably on my shitter. Or maybe over on Myspace. Tryna supply a ninj’ a taste! [T- "Soot" Pain “I’m Sprung”]

So, sing it with me **beatboxes** I LOVE YOU!/You love me/Better braing that azz back to SavvyFatty/Or I'll Google Earth your home/And be sittin' on your porch/And make a beat with your dome like I'm Scott Storch

Speakin' of that purple furry child molester Barn, ain't this FUUUUCCKKKKEDDD up?!


kayellejaye said...

We all need breaks. Good thing I got some catching up to do over here. Don't be gone too long! said...

I bet that burger tastes just like it smells...DELICIOUS!

Lil' Creole Pimp said...

You got some motherfucking nerves tryna take breaks and shit.

I'll see you on Twitter though.

Hollatyogirl said...

I thought I was the only one who always tried to sit out PE class. It's not fair. They don't make skinny beaches eat, don't make fat beaches run. There is no reason that I need to run a mile every Friday and damn near burn a hole in the crotch of my pants from my thighs rubbing together. No reason I tell you.

Miss Sweetberries said...

I feel you Savvy, I'll be taking a summer break too!

bshepjr said...

who said you could take a break!?

*calls mama sav'*

jhazzaisworld said...

I don't know what da hell that is on dat bun, and I really don't wanna know! I really like this blog and it's content is very informative. Keep up the good work!