Wednesday, July 2, 2008

See 'Saw'

**side-eyein' my homays**


See, Nas and Ron!!!!!!: I TOLDJU there was about to be a Saw V and that Saw IV came out in the theaters last year!
Good looks to my TUB homey, SweetB'z for the pic.

My bad, SF'ers. You have NO idea WHO or WHAT I'm talkin' about. If you ain't on...get down.

See, these ninjas bet me $10 dollaz that the next Saw movie would be the 4th installment, when it's really the 5th. I KNEW what the hail I was talking about since I had to sit through that sick, twisted, demented, nayustay fuckshit of a movie TWICE: Once with the TOD homies (WHAT IT DEW?! I miss y'all like CRAY-ZAY!) and another time with "MM" and his friend "Travis B. Glasses" (<--who sat through the WHOLE movie with a Nike backpack on...for what again?!?!!)

Yeah!! That $10 came in handy, too. Cuz, E-MEE-TRID-LEE after I won it...and finished off another bowl or two, guess what ya greedy big biatch spent it on?!?!

Let's just say: I made it RAIN on Vons Bakery section...namely the fresh baked brownies...ON SALE for $2.99, daaaawwwwgggg!!!!!
My pancreas STILL ain't forgiven me for that late night high treat, either.
**Grabbing the Febreze Air Effects in Citrus**


Sane said...

HAHAHAAHAHA - That baby is SOOO cute! said...

Already a part V? Damn time flies. Bring back Danny Glover some how!