Monday, August 4, 2008

Fagger Vance


Oh, Will. **sigh** Wearing Willow's Build-A-Bear Workshop teddy's outfit to The Teen Choice Awards was NOT the beeswax. It is NOWHERE near the Tic-Tac you need to rid your breff of the smell of Duane Martin's dick.

And Zach: When you gon' quit Tom Cruise'in and wasting these bitches time when you know
gatdayumed well ya pretty azz is on a strickly dickly diet?!

And baby: I luhh your munnay you. But...Who duh fuck is DAT?!?!?!

The only explanation for your pointing at Raisinets head is cuz this the ninj who gon' paint Oprah's toenails for the rest of the year. Other than that...please refrain from catching an unfair one!