Friday, August 1, 2008


...and you know I GET IT STARTED!!!

And, NO! I'm not talkin' that Black Eyed Peas-Will.I.Am-hoppin'-around-like-a-Compton-Azz Niggity-Cricket shit.

I'm talkin' the o-rij-jin-o Get-Starter, M.C. HAMMER, snitchezzzz!

And like Stanley's pre-fame life after he ran all up and through those million$ trickin' daddy dollaz on ninjaz in gazelles, tap shoes and gel'd up pyramids (<--0:40 mark...and beyond!):

I'm back, beeyatches!!!!!!!

**puts hand to ear**
Didja miss me?


The Jade said...

I missed ya! I was just about to comment and asked what was your raggedy reason for not updating!!
You know I aint got nothing else to do!!

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

My Weezy F. Jade'y!!
Hola, chiquita!
Yeah, I'm back on the block like cracks back on the rocks!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow. There's even more SavvyFatty FuckShit to come!!!!!

LMAO AND PYFA (<--punchin' your face AWF!) @"Raggedy Reason."