Friday, August 1, 2008


You know I like to balance shit-talkin', celeb news, the random randomnousity of life, and high shit with serious, real life shit.

But right now, there's some TRILLA than Real Deal Holyfield shit goin' down like a ho' in China Town in the capital city of my state, Sac-Town.


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed an executive
order that
eliminates 22,000 government jobs and ordered that 200,000 state
workers receive the federal minimum wage
until a state budget is approved.
The governor says the moves are necessary to avoid a "full-blown" fiscal crisis in California.

Minimum Wage, dawg?! FEDERAL minimum wage, at that?

I honestly have no words for this. On some real shit, my azz is scared shitless since I'm currently slavin' as a local government employee. If shit like this can touch a State employee, it can most def touch my agency.
This is PURE insanity!
Please tell me how, in one of the most expensive states in the country, is a single person-let alone a family-going to survive on $6.55/an hour? With gas and food prices up, I don't see it. Not even for 1 paycheck. Shit's crazy.

What's worse is I don't see Arnie's pay going down to no dayum $6.55. What part of the game is that?
His pockets should be touchin' just like his employees. His ass cheeks should be tight thinkin' about what HIS kids are gonna eat that night. If it's good enough for the goose, it should be good enough for the gander.

This ain't right. No matter what part of the country you lay your naps, you should be as outraged and worried as us Californians are. If this shit can happen to Cali, a state ranking amongst the 10 largest economies in the world, it can happen to your state.

Shit's about to get real trife REAL quick...EVERYwhere!!!

While we're worried about Rick Ross's fat, frontin', fugazi ass or about how Amy Winehouse is either a thirsty ass vampire or Mach-speedin' for the casket drop, the government is bending our disengaged asses over and giving it to us RAW with no vaseline.

Has it crossed your mind how celebrity gossip has increasingly infiltrated the mainstream media? How you can learn about high gas prices, the situation in Iraq, and Britney Spears's custody battle all within the same newscast? It's not a coincidence how they're trying to distract us from what's real. Pay attention!!
Turn ya flat screens away from sports, reality shows or music videos and tune in!

Quit breakin' ya necks for iPhones and Red Monkey Jeans
While The Gov. devise schemes to de-American Dreams
Please don't think that you're untouchable
Ain't 1 of us unfuckable
Keep worryin' 'bout celebs while The Gov pull out the rug from you
Less stuntin', dude
Less frontin', dude
More standin' up for somethin', dude
Who gives a fuck about ya bucks
Or 'bout who bust less slugs than you?
That's nuthin', dude!
Spit something new!
Like how P. Gramm give a fuck 'bout you
Like how banks is closin' and duckin' with ya duckets, dude!


That's really all I got for now. I'm curious about your thoughts on what's going on.


Hollatyogirl said...

Savvy it looks like you might have to come out to the freeway and slang oranges with me and Ed Mcmahon. And by oranges I mean ass.

msfre1 said...

now, that's real!
i missed you!

rissa said...

and i was just talkin about how my checks after taxes = nada, but im far from minimum wage. that's crazy, expecially in a state where the cost of living is so high.

nica said...

dang my cali folx. i didn't even hear about this one. i been tryna rally folx to pay attention to mc cain and his obama drama commercials. all the while the governator is threatening the lively hood of cal-li-for-ni-a. so did he say when this would go into effect?? do u all get to vote?? i mean is it just state gov't employees?? i mean wtf!! people can't afford to live off 6.55 wtf. people can't live off 14 an hour!! i will pray for my cali folx specially my saavy cus if the gov start trippin w city gov workers!! saavy just know i can hook u up w a full proof hussle!!

BellaKeda said...

I swear less than a min ago me and my friend was just talking about this and she didn't know it was for the federal wage! You are so on point about how we are distracted by so many other things and don't realized we are being f**ked until it's too late!

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Yeah, man! This shit is bananas!
There should be blood on the streets right now! Folks ain't gon' wake up till they wakin' up in a cardboard box! They tryna take EVERYthing except the kids. [/Common]

But...please don't worry 'bout me, I'm fine!
Something happen to me, I'll be at Arnie's house with my 9.
Trill talk!

Anonymous said...

The same thing is about to happen in TN!

Nessia said...

Same thing is happening in New York. We have a 24 BILLION dollar deficit. My was unemployed for over 7 months, I finally had to take a job at target just to make some money.

Brittany said...

That's messed up!!!! 6.55?? I'm struggling makin 9.00!!

Sweetberries said...

I have no idea how they expect people to live. I think I might join HOLLATOGIRL on dat corner to slang oranges......