Friday, August 8, 2008

Getting To Know Me


Didn't think I was gonna make it through the week with all these car and love troubles, but I'm glad I did as I'm THAT much closer to turnin' The Great State of Texas into my personal concubine playground. JEAH!

******* set the weekend off on the right foot, I'm giving my loyal SF'ers a chance to:

Anything you want to know about your girl but felt like, "I don't know that biatch like that!"?!?!?"
Well, today's the day! No matter how random, revealing, rude, or pointless. I promise to answer them 100% truthfully.
**DISCLAIMER: The only questions I won't answer are names of people that I mention in the daily posts. No names will be given, but you WILL get HELLA (<--Cali, STAND UP!) personal information like: Age, Address, Social Security Numbers, Dick Size, etc. Yeah, I'm raw like that! HAHA!

Shoot your questions to the comments and I PROMISE TO ANSWER 100% TRUTHFULLY!


AJ said...

So are you really into females, or are you just joking? You are so sexy, so I'm asking on behalf of the children!

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Ayy, AJ?!?! What's upper, mah dude?

To answer your question:
The only female I'm into is your mom. So tell Betty Jean to stop iggin' my texts and braing that salt & pepper pussay here!!
And are you asking on behalf of the children cuz you want your stepmama **points to self** to come on home?

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyy Sav! Happy Friday to you too!!!
If you could get it with anybody in the world, who would it be?

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Hands down: It would be YOU!
So...what do you like?
A whole lotta foreplay right before we get it started?
What do you like?
Me on top?
You on the bottom type PARDAY?!

pimpbachelor said...

Yo Savvy, U my girl. Old head brotha in here in Newark. Just stumbled across your blog about 2 weeks ago, and I havent stopped reading since. but yo tell me, U ever do a 3some (or more)? if so what was the makeup of the group?

MayMay said...

Savvy, when r u comin to Tha Bay Area?

Savv'alier said...

Hey, May!
I'll be there SOON as I get that eTicket sponsored by YOOOUUUUU!
Hahaha! But I don't know when. Ain't been up that way since '05.

Yes, I have had a threesome. And the makeup was me and your grandparents.
Although Ida ain't fast on her feet, she's a KILLUH with that tongue, yo!! Don't sleep on the tag team of Ida and Linwood. 'Tis NOOOO joke!

Savv'alier said...

That was in response to your question, PimpBeezy!

Savv'alier said...

That was in response to your question, PimpBeezy!

Lil' Creole Pimp said...

Has anybody ever told you that you look like Justine from Run's House, who, by the way, me and my Granny robbed for a few of her wigs and sold them out of my trunk side-by-side.

Bun_ebombshell said...

I guess everybody wanted to know if you were into females huh?? Why are people so intrigued by that?? *light bulb turns on* I have a new question!!! Do you think that being a gay/bisexual female has turned into the "it" thing to do???

Savv'alier said...

LCP!!!! What it dew, DanYeller?!

Naw, Justine Simmons look like ME!
I been rockin' the multi-pak of chins waaayyyy before she ever started on her journey to be America's Fattest Hip Hop Wife.

But I think she's pretty. So I'll take that as a compliment. **blush**

And what y'all go do with them sorry azz Barbie Hair wigs? They ain't worth SHIT on the skreets! Jussy-Jus's wig budget is being RAPED by Diggy and Russy's ChapStick spray needs. We in a Recession, homay!

Savv'alier said...

Bun_E: My personal Big Booday Judy!
**snatches you up by the FRONT of the thong this time**

To answer your question:
Naw, I don't think it's turned into the "it" thing to do like Rocsi's poosay.
I just think that once you pop (a coochay) you cain't stop! It's that braing dat azz here...

Bun_ebombshell said...

Oh... I guess. It just seems like to me that everywhere you turn it's two girls taking turns cat cleaning each other. Not that it's a problem with that I mean I'm no stranger to the good stuff myself but I just don't believe that everybody is all of a sudden clamoring for it *shrugs shoulders*

Ok I'm done preaching and on my way to Savvy Ave not right now but ratt'na!!!

Savv'alier said...


And make sure you wear that lil' whip cream and cherries number that I like.
**wink, wink**

Lil' Creole Pimp said...

We sold all them bishes to Britney and Jamie Lynn... JayLyn don't want the world to see her newborn bald and compare it to Brit... and Brit just can't stop shaving her shit.

I tried to tell 'er ass she on't need this nylon napset... she need a prescription which I coulda hit her with but she ain't had da duckeroos... so I next'd her ass. HA!

nica said...

so saavy i ask u this question: have u ever ever ever in ur nappy headed life seen a nappy headed baby wearing some green tights?? (i'm sending this mix to barney so i can be featured on the show! u know how i luv being a reality tv star lol!!)just a ?..u said ask u anything!

bshepjr said...

do you love me? :-/

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Hey, Nica!
Matter of fact: I HAVE seen a nappy headed lil' Creole boy in green tights. How do YOU know?!!!!

Baby BShep:
You know I luhh you with the WHOLE of my heart. Why do you think I spend so many hours eDating you every night?
I got a thaaannnggg for ya baby!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what type of outfits do you wear when you go out? I just turned 21 not too long ago, and I am lost on what is good "going out" clothes? I want a new fabulous i'm grown look in general, but I don't know where to look exactly as a fat bitch.

mzvirgo said...

Hey Savvy!

I just want to know, do you agree with Mo'nique when she said that skinny women are evil?

Lil' Creole Pimp said...

I ain't never wear no green tights.