Monday, August 11, 2008

Who and WHO attended WHAT now?!

The BET Blackbuster Movies Studios must be somewhere lookin' like "Nawlins" after Hurricane Katrina hit and all its residents evacuated to some VFW lounge in Inglewood as a church bus full of Z-list "celebrities" packed the "A Conversation with Young Hollywood" event, which was part of the 12th Annual American Black Film Festival held in Los Angeles over the weekend.
Church's Chicken and the ice cream man reportedly catered the event.

A $5 EBT card plus an all expenses paid vacation to Chateau Savvy to wash my dishes and my feet goes to the first SavvyFatty'er who can name EACH and EVERY one of the Most Known Unknowns pictured below AAANNND can name 3 FILMS they've appeared in.

Ready! Set...GO!!!


Mika said...

3 movies?!?! set us up for failure with that one.

Bun_ebombshell said...

That's that one dude from New York it??? Oh wait, that's not a movie anyways.... *shrugs shoulders* I give!

MayMay said...

NY Undercover
Fresh Prince
Waiting to Exhale / The Big Hit

Shit, thats all I have...

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Wow! I see you guys are TRIIIILLLL eager to Lil Boosie my feet and WIPE 'EM DOWN, huh?!?!!

Ayyy, Mik-Mik and My Big Booday Jooday!!
**waves, cups Jooday's booday**

MayMay: Now you know GATDAYUMED well the first 2 are TV SHOWS, ninj!! Don't make me come to ya house and put suh'in in ya mouf!

msfre1 said...

I hope not 3 films each, cause 2 of them don't even have that yet!.... I'ma take it old school
Malik Yoba.. Cool Runnings
Tat Ali.. The brothers
Lela Rochon..Sunshine (lol) Harlem Nights
Lauren London & Evan Ross.. Atl
when can i get my EBT?

Hollatyogirl said...

Watch what you say about Malik Yoba. Me and my bestfriend still plan on being Williams and Torrez for Holloween. Im working on my lip chappery as we speak. Savvy, we still need somebody to be Ice T if you bout it bout it.

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

I'm wit it, Holla.
I just need to fill my pours with frozen piss and re-up on my rust-colored perm and my douchebag dust mustache and I think I'll be good!