Friday, September 12, 2008

Award Tour

One of my TWeal TWITches from the mini-blogging crack that is Twitter, CandyRayne has bestowed an "Honest Blogger Award" upon the kid.
First and foremost: I'd like to thank my mama for giving me black eyes raising me right and the Lord for knowing my heart and loving my crazy behind regardless.
Thanks to the TRILLEST area of San Diego, SOUTHEAST!!!!
S-O-U-T-H-E-A-S-T S-D: Do you know what that means?

There's rules to you passing the award on to other muhfuckas and shit, but if you couldn't tell by the sheer poke-out of my belly: I'm greedy and don't like to share.
So learn mo' shit about me...and LOVE IT, DAMMIT!!!

10 Things About Me:

1~ Sometimes I let my text message ringtone play because I TRILLY like the song. Pimp C's verse from Gucci Mane's "I Know Why" (1:40-2:33) is my ghetto gospel in a nutshell.

2~ I love my hometown: San Diego, CALI, baybeh!! But I don't think there's anything here for me anymore...and it's been that way for at least my whole adult life.
But, like a man with good dick who's openly fucking me over, but like I said, "His dick is GOOOOOODDD!" I just cain't leave it alone.

3~ I've had the same job for the past 3 years, but have had 8 different bosses. Almost all I've had to train to make at least $30K/year more than me. But I'm not bitter.
**Googles "How to Effectively Go 'Postal'"**
(And I just like that pic. It has nothing to do with Life.)

4~I let Headline News play when I go to bed cuz I think the info will still get in to my brain and I'll know what's going on, even in my subconscious.

5~ I really like candy. NO! I mean REALLY. It's the best thing invented...except when you're trying to find cute clothes in jumbo sizes. Shit just doesn't happen most of the time and then you hate candy, but still go home to it to lick the wrapper.

6~ I just may have the worst, inappropriate vocabulary. But I know when and when not to use it. And right now: Fuck your mom. (<<<--that might not have been a good example.)

7~ The voice of a Southern man, aged 18 to about 39, is like a vocal aphrodisiac. Gets it juicy for me EVERYtime. Just something about that "lazy" drawl makes me think he took a lifelong Master's course in Busting Pussy Wide Open.

8~ I'm a good speed reader and HATE for somebody to read something to me that I can also see because by the time they spit the first syllable, I'm already on the part called, "THE END."

9~ I get so excited over new shoes, but most times I wear them once and they get banished to the back of my closet. Good thing my budget doesn't allow me to buy any over the price of $24.99...cuz I'd beat my own azz for wasting my OWN money.

10~ I have a little girl's voice. Yes, a little girl about age 4 to be exact. However, my phone bone voice is at least 17...and her parents aren't home and she's making tea and brownies and likes Smirnoff Ice. So come on over, HornyGuy69694u2Love. I believe you're 19 on your next birthday.


bshepjr said...
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Oscar said...

I used to do the news thing on my TV as an alarm clock. I'd turn the volume low the night before so I could fall back to sleep until my real alarm kicked in.

I think it worked.