Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So Twitter has officially showed me that the TWass IS TWeener on the TWother TWide by luring me away from my OG @work distraction, Myspace.

I'm sorry, 'Spacer. We had a good 2-3 year run. Really. But...
  • Fuck your 'An Error Has Occurred...' bullshit that usually comes RIGHT as I'm trying to schedule a booty call send my cousin a message.
  • Fuck your 'He-Loves-Me-He-Fucks-My-Girl-I-Still-Love-Him-We-Gon'-Ride-Together-Soon-As-He-Comes-From-My-Girl's-Pad' status messages.
  • Fuck your posting-the-same-shitty-ass-thing-56-times-in-a-yillasecond bulletins.
I've moved on.
**blows kisses at Twitter**
  • I'm all about a muhfucka thinking I'm cool enough to be followed.
  • '@' to me; I'll '@' back.
  • If I'm unreachable like dummays are unteachable, DM me. I get the alerts and messages sent right to the Centro. I'll 'd _____ hi' you RIGHT back.

So, needless to say, by working Twitter like a part-time job **looks over at Myspace, mouths "It's me; not you."** I've come to "know" a lot of my followers. Seems like everybody got a job and at LEAST 53 side gigs and hustles. **eyes NickyStew for always knowing a way to GET DAT GUAP**
Matter of fact, I'm giving him that award right now: Most Likely To GET DAT GUAP!

And in honor of my TWeeps, I'll be handing out a few awards today. Not EVERYone will get an award...TODAY. But I'll be handing them out sporadically so check my Tweets to see if and when it's YOUR day to get a gift certificate to the 9 cents store.
(No. That's it.)

...And the TWInners are:

AnthonyTaurus: Most Likely to Eat a Bitch's Pussy AND Roll a Blunt at the Church Picnic.

Aura & Monee: Most Likely to Tweet From a Party, Right Outside a Door Where Diddy, John Legend, and Tyson are inside "networking."

BlogXilla: Most Likely to Owe Us Royalties for Assisting Him With His Blog Posts

DirtyWhoreleb: Most Likely to Assist ME in Arranging a TWorgy Tour
KarrineSteffans: Most Likely to Cause the 'Fail Whale' Once You've Logged In Because Your "Folks" Will NO DOUBT Flock to Twitter Like Taco Bell'ians Flock To a Shitter.

Marleaux: Most Likely to Make You and Your Budget Feel Bad for Crumbling Wheat Thins Into Your Cup O'Noodles Cuz She's TWIT'PIC'n Nuthin' But Lobster & Skrimpz.

RMichaelThomas: MOST Reliable :-/

TreoBenny: Most Likely to TWolla at Ya Mama THE MOMENT She Sets Up Her account.
That's all for now.
Who SHOULD be next?!?!?!
Who WILL be next?!?!?!


bun_ebombshell said...

Girl!! I couldn't agree more!! I hate that "an error has occured" message lol!

President Anthony Taurus said...
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President Anthony Taurus said...

woooooooooooow i was just about to ask where my name was on the list and there i go.. right at the top. you ain't even link me tho.. that's cool.. it's anthonytaurus.. no matter where you wanna look.. just type "anthonytaurus" and you'll find me lol

for the record.. i would roll the blunt BEFORE i eat the pussy. ;)

Marleaux said...

Lmao. Yeah, I loooves chronicling my ass spreading sources…

I have a suggestion. Zillz, for the most incognito tweeter. He’s the most one word replier I know…

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

Daaaammnnn, EL-O! We >>><<< !!!
I swea' fo' GAWD that I was gonna give Zillz the 'Most Likely To Tweet In 1-Word But You Still Know IG-ZACK-LEE What He's Talking About' Award. LOL!

afro j said...

hey savvy!
shih myspace is gettin old and played. good thing that creaour got bought out and took his dough while the getting was good. im kinda thinking about signing up for a facebook, buh fuk it, i talk to enuff crazy college muhfukas when im at college...

twitter is the ultimate tool for narcasists! i mean jus think, sum1 thinks their life is SOO important they hav to stop w/e they are doing,sit down and share it w/ the world. that being sed, u know im on the twitter, and i read ur random shih erday on there haha!

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

LMAO @ the 9 cents award. Twitter has put a dent in MySpace for real though. Who has time to see if someone has replied when you can get your Tweet in a "yillasecond?" ;-)