Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No One In November

"S.L.U. (Swagger Like Us)"
T.I. feat. Kanye, Jay-z, Lil' Wayne, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Chris, Mark, Red, Dave and Ro **exasperated sigh**
Shit'z Hot in the streets right now, riiiigghhtt?!?!

But you know ya girl, MC S A V SKI, got suh'in HOTTER!
And since the OG version of "S.L.U." is getting played like craps in the ghetto, peep the SavvyFatty FreakMixxx of Jigga-Man's verse. (1:27-2:10 mark)

Follow me nah!

Can we vote like this?

Can't elect GOP cuz my knots ain't thick

No one on my corner got a pock' full of crisps

Barack: Bring the HOPE and the CHANGE on QUICK!

You can pay your respects just by clickin' on REG



Honor our dead for the roads where they bled

Where they faced a gun barrel just for tryna move 'head

Gotta make you want it THIS bad

Lead a horse to water; cain't pour him a glass

'Vote Obama!' tees are a fad

Rather see 'I VOTED' stickers like we see fitted caps

It's OHHHHHHVER! Quit makin' organ donors of US soldiers

OHHHHHVER! May you never have any doubt of the POWER of a VOTER!
(Let's make THIS happen on Tuesday, November 4th!)

And since no other party have "schwagga" like us: REGISTER NOW!


Candy said...

Kudos girl!!! I applaude you for this post! It was very well put together and much needed to get the word out. Still 8 million blacks not registered to vote though... we gotta get through to them somehow!

President Anthony Taurus said...

good shit SF

NaturallyAlise said...

very hot!

bun_ebombshell said...

Luhv's it! Girl you so creative!!

Kitty said...

I loves this post!

That is all...

afro j said...

the original is a coo song, buh dam, the song hasnt been out a good yr before muhfukas wanna bite it and remix it...
like david banners "get like me" and "shawty say" are jus choruses to mediocure rap songs from the not to distant past...

i WILL be voting on the 4th!

do u hav to manually input those links into ur posts? like u put the link in, u clik 'edit html' at the top, and change it and add target=blank? shih thats alot of work!

Eb the Celeb said...

Very witty post... if we vote like we did for Tasia... there's no way Obama wont win... and yeah... I'd rather see the stickers too..

mandaaa said...

how hot was that right there??
loves it. i'm the only person i know that's registered to vote.
i go to college & i dont know anyone who isnt of age.
its pathetic but i wont be the one moaning & groaning & not putting in my bid for some mafuckin change.
i have the power & right & i damn sure will use it wisely & correctly.

StreetStylist said...


Rae- Sea of Style said...

I love your remix! It's crazy cause out here in NY they play this song on the radio like 3 times every hour. Straight madness.