Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don't Just Stand There: LET'S GET TO IT!

There's nothing to it!


It's time to get proactive, folks.

With the politically strategic and downright DIRTY introduction of Sarah Palin onto the GOP's ticket, this election season has gotten too close for comfort TOO QUICK.

As regular working-class people, those of us with loved ones in the military, parents with children in public schools, the impoverished relying on government programs, anyone paying taxes, women who want to keep their right to choose:
We cannot afford to lose another election!

Especially to a fossil with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel which would leave an inexperienced, uber-conservative Palin to act as the figurehead for what will more than likely become Bush's third term.
We're fighting a losing war. Our economy has gone to hell. Gas prices have gone through the roof. And what's their solution?
NO...really: What's their solution?

No, I'm not saying Obama holds the magic wand that will make everything all better the day after he's inaugurated.
But it IS time to send a message, LOUD and CLEAR, to the incumbent's party. Let's
mobilize, unite, and show the Republicans that we've seen what they can do with our country and we're done with it! It's time for a changing of the guard.

Seize the opportunity to do something "strange" for some CHANGE! :^p

Obama Blue Days

WHEN: Tuesday, September 30th


(If you can't register two voters, talk to 2 people who may be on the
fence OR a McCain supporter and encourage them become an Obama Supporter.)

Easy, right?

Don't think you have to do it ONLY on 9/30.
Feel free to talk to people, even a stranger, and register, Register, REGISTER everyday up until the registration deadline in each state!

Share this post with ANY and EVERYone you know who can and WILL move their feet for CHANGE!


President Anthony Taurus said...

you tryin to get me shot.. i can't be wearing ALL blue LOL