Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Fun Day



Ahh...**relaxing, relating, releasing** Now that that's out of the way...GOOD MORNING!

Don't know why, but I'm been feeling kinda funky lately. I kicked the weekend off with a beige lace mockneck, purple zebra scarf, lazy fit jeans and black patent block heels. I was a hot biatch!

Then on Saturday I rocked a white wifebeat, black pinstriped vest, and black wool mod cap with the short brim. Fly much?!?!?
Bitch...I MIGHT BE! :^p

So since today is Sunday's red-headed stepchild and the 1 kid that Sunday wish it would have swallowed I didn't hardly want the partay to be over. So I stayed in "FunkyTown" with the following ensemb:
Black Oversized Slouch Knit Shirt
Purple Solid Tank
Pointed Toe Zebra-Print Flats
Grey, White, Black-Checked Scarf
Black Anchor Earrings
Oversized Plastic Bangle
Square Leather Bag
Square-Framed Shades

You like?!

What are yoooouuuuuu wearing this glorious Monday morn'?!


Cristal Bubblin said...

today I'm rocking the layered boybeater & Jeans ensaaam.. Brown Beater atop a camel beater from the House Of Fruit of the Loom, Dark washed denim from the Toltal Liquidation Center summer collection and Brown/Camel Nike Air Vandals with silver heart shaped earring and as always Daddy's dog tag.

Dont B hatin! yo soy Tres chic & extra cheap...

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

Alright, C-Bubbleezy. I see ya!
You doin' a WHOLE lotta AZZ WHOOPIN' this morn, ehh?! Boys, Camels...ain't nobody safe, huh?

Cristal Bubblin said...

They Lootin out here gotta be ready in case I have to Rodney King a ho!! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!

OBAMA 08!!

Hollatyogirl said...

I am currently rocking what I call unemployed chic. That's an old white tee and my black gym shorts from middle school. Since I quit my job I can wear any damn thing I want. There's no dress code for watching Golden Girls all day.

President Anthony Taurus said...

gray tshirt and my draws lol

Miss Behave said...

Hey there!

Grey angora polo sweater, green/grey/beige plaid schoolgirl skirt with brown buttons, and brown suede stiletto knee-high boots.

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

You can still fit your PE clothes?! BIG UPS to YOU, homay!
If I had to rock my ish today, I'd be a big, Buddha lookin' girl out this beeyatch!

TonyTaur: You gotcha T-Shirt and ya pannays ooonnnn!!!
You always cookin' up a fresh batch of Moist Pantyration, ain'tcha?

MissB Da Bad Azz!
(Yeah, I'm just mad cuz you stylin' on me!)
Knee-high boots are the things of legend when you're rocking chocolate silos for calfs like the kid here! **points to self with a razor blade to wrist**

Miss Behave said...

LOL Savvy, it ain't even like that..... would love to rock the curves you got, but it is a compliment coming from you that you diggin' the 'fit. Thanks!

NaturallyAlise said...

Today I roced the fly black Calvin Klein suit, with a wine colored cami, and pointy toe black pumps, small silver hoops... had a big meeting and presentation today (the locs were in shirley temple inspired curls).... I was giving it to dem' ho's today!!!!!