Friday, October 17, 2008

And She Don't Stop!

As if yesterday wasn't enough, I got another lil' present courtesy of MamaSavv and her "Fuck Yo Stainky Z-List Azz" **air quotes like a muhfucka** "Awards."

Guess Mama was surprised (like moi!) at the quality of our conversation. It's rare that she doesn't call me 'fat' and I don't call her a 'triflin', good-for-NUHCHIN!-worthless-waste-of-a-mother biatch' So she didn't want the pawrday to end.

So, peep what this crazy azz Huge Heffa left in my email inbox:

Toastee - From "Flavor of Love" and/or "I love Money" smells like old, cold toast with butter & syrup left out on the counter overnight.

SavvySez: YUCK! I can just taste the food stamps that purchased this meal and the trailer that housed it.

Hottie - From "Flavor of Love" smells like old, matted, fake wig hair and Bergamont hair grease that has been left on the wig after too many wearings then discarded in the wig cabinet, drawer or bag for too long.
SavvySez: 'Wig Cabinet?' **hitting up Baby D to see if that's anything like the Wig Crypt...and if so, how can we get FEMA in BOTH places to rescue those poor, poor welfare wig-workin' bastids**

Rodeo - From "Rock of Love" and "I Love Money" smells like bacon grease and dirty underwear rubbed in beer and cigarette juice.
SavvySez: FUCK. (Nothing more. Nothing less.)

12 Pack - From "I Love New York" and "I Love Money" smells like brand new piggy bank paint or plastic fresh out of the factory and on the toy store shelves.
SavvySez: And sweat from some balls across his upper lip. And maybe his mom's scented apricot toilet paper. And an ass-whoopin' that I owe him for looking like such a douche.


I think I just found mah'self a Guest Blogger, folks!
Whatchu think:
Should MamaSavv be on Team SavvyFatty?!?!!!!!


bklilay!! said...

Hey miz Savv:
dang, MamaSavv may have to get her own blog... what you think? yea or nay??

on the serious side,it's sad to hear you guys not getting along, I've had one major blowout with my mom, like not talking to her for years....

take it from me, being a parent ain't easy, we make mistakes, some more than others.....sorry for getting serious..taking off my Dr. Phil hat...

Lil' Creole Pimp said...

Now I know what's wrong with yo' crazy ass.

Sweetberries bka Sweetz said...

I vote YES on MamaSav!!!!!!

Sweetberries bka Sweetz said...



I forgot the extra V. I gots respect for my elders....

The Jade said...

1. Where the hell have you been? Did the McCain't supporters get you and your ride (again)?

2. What does MamaSavv think of the men of "I love $"? I loves me some WhiteBoy!!!
So much so that I can not watch the show when my own white boy is present. I oooo, ahhhh and drool over that fine man!!!