Wednesday, October 1, 2008


**wipes neck roll sweat**

Ask any ninja in Sunny Southern Cali, San Diego County (WHOOP! WHOOP!) to be exact, if they peeped the Devil swimming at Mission Beach in some cutoff Dickies and a 'Thug Life' tattoo today.
10 times outta 10 you're gonna see a ninja in a tight neck Pro-Club, throwing up this set talkin' 'bout: "HELL YEAH WE BEED DAT NIGGA, BLUUUHHHDDD!"

So, in honor of the sun and Santa Ana winds actin' mad IG'NIT to the point where my Pro-Styl has dayum near thrown the towel in because it's 97 dayum degrees at 4:45 in the afternoon, I'm showing up to work today looking like a sexy baked "batayduh" in my hot! ninjette neutrals. I'm lookin' like I'm on a sexy, supple safari, no?

What's the weather like in YOUR neck of the woods?


MayMay81 said...

72 Degrees, mostly sunny...I'm rockin black leggings and a wife beater, no shoes cuz I'm house bound today doing laundry *looks around room for last night's panties tossed around by the dealer*

Pigskin Loving Lady said...

76 degrees and sunny in the DMV. But I'm going to need the location of that shirt. I needs that in my life!!

Ms. Aja B. said...

The outfit is hot, Sis. No doubt. Especially the bag & shoes!

Wish I could rock something like that, but it's cloudy & not that warm here in NYC today.

P.S. don't you LOVE polyvore?

Kitty said...

I'm feeling that top too, Savvy. But the earrings and bangles are killing these hoes paired with those shorts. You got style, girl.

Weather wise tho, "It's so cool in the B!" it's like 67 raining like a mutha. I got my girly girl hoody and my nikes on out here today.

nica said...

did i see somebody used my word batata?? u spelled it wrong none the less. when i was on my way out this morning i seen ya'll in so cal had 73 temps @ 4:45am..oh how i miss that! it's ok dark meat said he's gonna send me out there b4 the yr ends!!

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

Ooohhhh, May!! You lucky biatch!
But I ain't TRILLY trippin'. I got "dick-dealt" the OTHER night.

PSLL! My Football Femme Fatale: That shirt came from Lane Bryant about 2 or so years ago. I got that biatch on SALE! for like $8. Nevermind the fact that a wayward blunt burnt a hole in the lace. It's STILL bossy!

Aja! Welcome to my WHIRL, ma!!!
And yes, I would MARRY Polyvore if it would have me! That shit is like internet crack for fashion crack hoes!!! That shit keeps cawlin' me, mayne!

Kit-Kat!! What it dew?!?!?!
Glad you like my fat fabulousity. :^)
Man, I WISH it was "So Cool in SD" with hoodie weather instead of Little Africa out this bitch. I swear I see my Pro-Styl throwing the towel in and packing up, heading back to the jar on my bathroom sink.
Fuck! It's hotter than 10
Young Jeezus be an air-conditioner!

You know that "batata" was for you! And sorry I spelled it wrong!!! You know, Hooked On Ebonics don't always work for me!