Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Peace, BITCH!

Danity Kane resident hoochay mama, Aubrey O'day, was chunked the deuces by Diddy on last night's ep of Making the Band>

After going at Puff about not "communicating" with the group about the solo plans of other DK members, Aubrey was shown the proverbial "door" and still sat there with the, "So...and?" look on her face like she was Chris Breezy and she ran it, RAN IT!
At that exact moment is when my blood pressure rose from warm milk to Top Ramen water. Her azz better be GLAD she wasn't a member of Savvity Kane...cuz I woulda had a fist full of blonde Great Lengths and been employing my fists of fury like noooooobody's beeswax.
You're FIRED! BITCH, STEP! You're Unemployed! DONEski! Bounce, biatch!

It took all my GATDAYUM strength not to pry my TV open to dap that ninja Puff up. That biatch beeeeennnnnn needing the boot. She's an attention-loving HO bizzag who thinks her shit don't staink just cuz Puff bigged her talent up during the group's formation.
Diddy dayum sure showed her azz who was BAWSS and I loved it!!!!
What did YOU think about Diddy giving "Auberella" the bizzoot?


mzvirgo said...

Somehow I don't think he gave her the boot, WTF was up with the cliffhanger ish he's doing? I think he said that to scare her to see if she could handle it.

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

Please don't kill a fat girl's dreams!!!
I pray I see that biatch on the side of the freeway with a "Will Shut My Gotdayum Mouf and Stay In My Gotdayum Place FOR FOOD" sign.

JazzeeJEF said...

I agree with MzVirgo...

We have to wait in see what happens on the finale...

Seems to me she handled it well though.

Anonymous said...

Kamillione SAYS:
I think she was jealous that puff was workin with Dawn instead of her with the solo deal and puff saw it. Cause she would not have been talkin communication if it was her workin on the deal. She would have been sittin there with that dumb ass grin she has all quiet n shit. U could see that they really aint bang with each other like that u barely saw Shannon and the latin girl.

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

Ay, baybay!
There you go tellin' me NOOO, again!!!
I pray you're wrong and I'm right. I pray Puffy kicked that biatch in the azz with a Jodeci boot!

We right here >><< wit' ours!
I KNOW that biatch was jealous of The Female Black Droopy cuz she thought SHE was Puffy's numero uno Bust-It Baby.
And she very well may be.
But Dawn is the one he's checking for and trying to move forward. NOT YOU, BIATCH!
So play ya position and juggle Diddy's balls while Cassie bounces her exo-skeleton all over P. Diddy's.
Dayum! Bitches need a course in "In Your Lane Stayage." I got a Ph.D in it. I should teach a class or some ish.

Kitty said...

And while you're at it you can teach her to apply a smokey eye and get her to kick that raccoon eye thing she thinks is so damn cute. I swear I just wanna hide all her eyeliners away from her. It's for her own good.

Anonymous said...

Kamillione says:
Yeah aubry was way out her lane, Driving on the shoulder n shit. Sometimes you got shut your trap n be humble. She musta had a flash back of her playin the rusty trombone with puff and that she can talk shit being disrespectful n get away with it. after the broadway role, she thought she was going solo in the fucking game like masterbation (hot ass line right there... its ©)

nica said...

hmmm unfortunately i missed it. but i been waiting on it for a long time. every since last season when she was being all loud about not liking the music dk was given by the producers. i hope that raggedy ass broad is outta the group. not that i'm a fan or anything but she gettin in the way of me, donnie, 7, and the dove in the other room. we tryna do some thangs!

JazzeeJEF said...

LOL! Sorry babe...

But you know Diddy gotta be all dramatical (Flavor Flav!) LOL!

I dont care for her too much myself but you know they wanna keep you watching til the finale....

Truth is she kinda makes the group..They rather have bad press then no press!

suga said...

Her and them damn Pocahontas headbands have got to GO!!!

But I'm saying though, if someone just booted me out the group on national tv, I doubt I'd stay sitting there to hear whatever else he had to say. lol Was she waiting to be excused?

That ish was hella funny though. I'd be hella embarrassed.

And I'm glad they finally put that "We're sisters" facade to rest. Ya'll just sing together...dont try to make it into more than it really is.

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

I think it's a set up. Who the hell gets fired and sits there like 'whatever?'

He shoulda called security on that ass.

bshepjr said...

she's still in the group cause didnt they do a segment at the VMA'S?

ODARA said...

I missed the show...but I don't think he REALLy got rid of her know diddy ALWAYS goes over the top to keep the people watching!!!

Lil Miss Sunshine said...

Whoo HooOO....FINALLY!! My prayer for the slow demise of Aubrey has come true!(Jesus walk slow with me) She is a dirty whore who wants to be black soooo bad_she's trash! Puff has gained a fan over here!She got a slick mouth and she needed to get slapped with a warm washcloth across her mouth but i digress. I cant wait to find out if his decision is written in stone. LONG LIVE DIDDY!!