Wednesday, October 1, 2008

While I Was Out

Happy Hump Day, ninjas and beaches!!!!!
I know, I know. It's been a looonnnngg time. I shouldn'tna left you/Without a fat blog to get fresh to.

So...follow me through the Tunnel of Some of My Favorite Shit that transpired while yours truly was on a self-pity tour with a case of the "I-Really-Miss-That-Tiny-Dicked-Bastard, Fuck-That Insecure-Azz-Big-Tall-Giant-With-A-Small-Penis-Geeky-Bitch-Nigga, and Yeah-I'd-Take-It-From-The-Late-Night-Secret-Straight-To-Here's-My-Heart-Gon'-'Head-And-Keep-Its" regarding the ninjas in my life.
(Sometimes I turn into a Double-X Chromosome...and I don't like it. So excuse the past week's Bitchassness.)
I luhh you, too.


Star Jones decided the time had expired on her signature, 'tato-skin-going-down-the-garbage-disposal look on the red carpet at the Opening Night Reception of the 2008 Clinton Global Initiative.

T.I. was in New York rocking hot spot, Marquee, while simultaneously turning my pannays into a quart of milk with that, "I'll-FUCK-yo-cookaze!" look in his eyes.
**massages panties**

Ne-Yo's nose reeeeaaallllyyyy liked the smell of his trouth-mouf azz lips while stuntin' on the red carpet at Jermaine Smurfpri's 36th bday bash held at Tenjune in the NYC.

Running folks over musta been a good look cuz "Gary Coleman" sho' dun' grew!!

Kim Kardashian still has a First Class seat on the SavvyFatty Tongue Express.
And...NO! NOT for barely shaking all that ravishing rump on "Dancing With The Stars."
It's cuz of how I enjoy this illicit display of Obese Munk as she exits the "Dancing" rehearsal studios.

Captain Obvious did a drive-by pixie-dusting on American Idol's Strawberry Shortcake, Clay Aiken.

What have YOOOUUUU, my loyal SavvyFat'lien, been up to in the past week?


afro j said...

shih nah, im not accepting clay in the community. ill take a mario lopez or an anderson cooper, buh not clay. shih we need sum hott boys to start coming out! shih if ur a pie-face reality-star/sudo-celeb then do us a favour and please stay in the closet!

i had to laff @ the gary coleman story! his arse jus running folks over and shih!! its funny as fuk, how can he reach the foot pedals?

i wanna punch k kim in the throat. i dun like her...

from the neck down ne-yo is delicious. he has that nice round arse, a nice body, etc buh his face is fukd. when did they start lettin ooglay peeps into the entertainment game?

star jones skin looks like a bag ol flabby purse haha