Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pussay POWER!

Happy Hump Day, folks!

We're half-way through the work week and guess what...?!?!?!?!!!
I HUMPED!!!!!!

**feels mascara melting down my cheeks, drowns in balloons, tinsel and confetti**
Yay me!!!
But more importantly: YAY, PUSSY!!!!!!! **slaps her 2**


Each and every time I invite someone to my "Lap Luau" I hear the same "Coochie Compliments" over and over again...and a girl can't help but blush. I mean, it's not like there's a 24 Hour "Fitness" for the "peesh." But for some reason (Praises BE!) my ish is in TIP TOP SHAPE!

So, I asked my TWITches from Twitter what Coochie Compliments they get on the reg'la. Here's what a few of them offered up about what THEIR "Pushermen" had to say about their "girlfriends:"

Pretty, tight, & just riiiiiiiiight!! ~cristalbubblin

My bf is constantly saying: "How did you make it squeeze my dick like that?..." ~datGooD_ish

How about, "It's FAT!" LOL! Guys love that and IDK why! ~JazzeeJEF

I'm constantly complimented on tightness and muscle control. I'm asked if it has Tylenol PM in it cuz we make um drowsy! Lol ~MayMay81

I think the nicest compliment I've had was: "You make me feel like a virgin all over again!" After they come outta the coma that my cooch leaves them in, I don't understand stutterin' too much! I need to learn different languages! ~Jhazzai

Best compliment I get is when my dude in NY buys same day tickets 2 get it =) ~CathrynMarie

"I'd get a job for you" LMAO!!!! ~THEflyGIRL

Well, what do they say about YOU, La S A V V'iente?center>

Yup. Like THAT. ;^p

So, besides the text on the pic **takes a bow**, these are the Top 3 Coochie Kudos I've heard time and time again from a diverse group of dick dealers:

"Daaayyyuuum, this shit is JUICY!"

"Oooh! This shit is TIGHT!"

"Damn, that pussy feels so goooooodddd! What you got up in there?"


Ladies: What Coochie Compliments does your "girlfriend" receive from your dick dealers?


President Anthony Taurus said...

thanks for puttin they twitter links up.. im addin all them heffas LOL

MayMay81 said...

*kilt dead* @ the fat ass cat! Hilarious!

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

TonyTaur: Quit tryna eFUCK MYYY TWITches. **whispers** At least let ME hit 'em first!!!

NOW you know why they call me "Fatty," huh?!

nica said...

*_________________________* u hear that?? that's the compliment i gets. silence cus u can't say ish when ur mouff is full of that good good! or either i gets that campbells ish u know the MMMMMMM MMMMMM good!

MayMay81 said...

Savvy: I don't believe u...PROVE IT!...**checking last-minute Southwest flights to SD** LMMFAO

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

"Batatas" got that GOOOOODDDDD that leaves 'em speechless!
Alright! I see ya!

May! If you don't quit checkin' flights...and just book one!!!!

Anonymous said...


(im setting up my twitter account now, the freaks really be on there I see)

afro j said...

i dun hav a cunt, buh i am pretty tight down there. i credit that to kegels!

MissTrouble said...

I'm new to yo site,I must say I LUVS it...anywho, I had someone tell me that I must got that TKO cause he be down for the count...LOL

Oh and my boo tells me that he loves how I keep it runnin down his legs....yep, its like that!! LOL!

NaturallyAlise said...

LOL @ lap luau...

my fave compliment: "If pu$$Y was rain you'd be a monsoon"

n0days0ff said...

Goddamn its like that on twitter?

CCGroovy!!! said...

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYUMM, Baby!!! KONGATULATIONZ 2 U on the successful HALLELUJAH HUMP DAY!!! As for the photo, now THAT is a PHAT PHUZZY PU$$Y, baby!!!