Friday, October 3, 2008

Maverick Madness!

This by far was my most "FAVORITE'TESS" moment from last night's Vice Presidential Debate between our man, Joe Biden and their biatch, Sarah "187 On A Muthafuckin' Moose" Palin.
'Twas NOTHING but crazy cheers and uproarious applause at the bar where I caught the debates (and a semi-hangover. D'OH!) when J. Biddy got in that Alaskan ARSE about that overused, overworked, TIRED azz "Maverick" shit. The only thing Centrum Silver's been "Maverick" about is hyping the word "Maverick" to the point where I'm a "Maverick" about ridding the GOP's throats of the ability to speak "Maverick" again. That's it.

Shouts to the crowd at Gaslamp hot spot, Stingaree, for keeping hope alive with its uber-diverse crowd last night.
'Twas nothing short of GLORIOUS to see representations of all cultures and folks from every walk of life coming together to support the Obama/Biden ticket.
At our couch alone was a 40-something year old White woman, a Black woman in her 50s and a Mexican woman in her early 30's, plus me and my crew of crazy biatches.
A Change HAS come!
And this historic Presidential race is ushering in the unity that America has been in DESPERATE need of since FOREVER.
And for that, like Michelle Obama said earlier: I am proud of my country! BIG UPs to all my USA'ers!! [/Shawty Lo]

What did YOU think about the debate?

How muthafuckin' AWESOME was Joe Biden in holding it down for the Obama campaign?

With the slew of note cards and question-dodging, how well/bad do you think Sarah Palin did?

Do you think Biden answered Palin back well when she was spittin' that straight BULLSHIT?!

Did you notice how she straight GANKED Obama's "Change" mantra and used it like she thought of it?

What was your overall favorite moment?


Ms. Aja B. said...

First off...Sis? I love your blog! Secondly, your twitters last night during the debate cracked me up. Third? Biden brought it to her, and all she could do was flip through her notecards. I don't know what the spindoctors on TV saw, but I think you can put this debate in the books for the Obama/Biden camp.

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

Hey, Aja B! Thanks for the luhvin'!
Shouts to you and BelleNoir!!

Girl! I would have Tweeted more if I wasn't a tad bit "tipsay" during the debates. There were MANY TWITworthy moments that I missed cuz I coudn't get my thumbs to sip that ack right. But...I see you got my point. ;^)

But yeah: This one goes to O/B all the way, baby!! Got me HYPED as a matter of fact!
I was walking around downtown San Diego with a HUGE Obama/Biden campaign banner!
BARACK-A-FELLA, y'all!!!!

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...
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kayellejaye said...

If I hear that word "maverick" one mo' ginn I'ma scream!

Clearly Biden won that round considering he actually ANSWERED THE QUESTIONS.

She kept going back to old shit they weren't even talking about. Tryna use up all the stuff written on her cheat sheet. Being all cutesy and girly to win votes.

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

K.J.: You ain't never lied!

It's like whoever wrote her notes was like, "Fuck what they ask you! Mention this shit BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!"
And she stuck to the script like a muhfucka!

Yeah, that cutesy shit was pissing me the HAIL OFF. WHO THE FUCK was she winking at? You ain't RuPaul, ho! Quit makin' love to the camera! You already fertile as fuck! You or one of ya ho azz daughters just MIGHT end up pregnant AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

When it was her turn to speak, I honestly thought she was reading a teleprompter. She had her lines memorized and well rehearsed. We all know if Biden or Obama handled the debate in the manner of this twit, the election would be over. Nov 4 would just be a formality. Clearly she had notes and stuck to the script and according to her and McCain supporters (and Faux News) she "won" the debate. She "won" because the bar was set underground. Hell, she could have gone out there yodeling and serving moose burgers and they would declare it a victory. She answered NONE OF THE QUESTIONS and continued to just spew rhetoric and talking points. It was hilarious and Joe was trying to maintain his composure. I know he really wanted to just shred her to bits.