Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coochie Vendetta Coochie COOCHIE VENDETTA

Watch this, ya punk bish.
TELL ME Soulja Boy, Gu-chay!, and Shawty Old Lo and their Romper Room raps on "Gucci Bandana" ain't knockin', though. This is THE SavvyFatty Shower Monkey-Shakin' shit right now!

Now, say the title of the post aloud.
You over there rockin' now, ain'tcha?

So last week, my TWomegirl, Shercole of Minority Weirdos, brought, "Coochie Vendetta" into my life's lexicon by stating that this is what Soulja's chorus sounds like to her.
And, for that: I'm forever changed because: Twas she right... or twas she RIGHT?!?!

Anywhoo, we had a short TWonvo about actual coochie vendettas. I suggested founding a "Coochie Revenge Society" where our coochies could conduct covert operations to unleash our coochie vendettas, Coochie COOCHIE VENDETTAS on those who've wronged the coochay.

'Coley-Cole just laughed; I was dead-azz.

So, ladies, I pose this question:

WHO would your coochie have a vendetta out against?
And WHY?

Bounce to the comments and let's SEMI-air it out! INITIALS! And DETAILS!

And on the contrary: If your coochie has been blessed to have never been wronged and since the Holla-Daze are upon us:
Who would your coochie send a Christmas card to?

I'll pop it AWF! in the comments...FOLLOW ME, NAH!


S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

My Coochie Vendetta goes out to ACA for taking that Good-Good...NO! EXCELLENT-EXCELLENT away from the kid.
**pours out a lil' KY for the DI that ain't here**
It's so HAAAWWWDD/To Say Goodbye/To good trouser snaaaaakkkkee

In turn, my ooch would send a Christmas card to my Late Night Hype for filling (no pun intended) the temporary position until I find a permanent, STABLE dealer.
And the funny thing is: WE AIN'T NEVER TOUCHED!
Luhh you, Late Night Hype!!!

Shercole said...

Although I really don't have no one to truly put the coochie vendetta on but I SHALL IT GO OUT TOO R. shit I don't remember his last name lol lol well His azz deserves revenge on even if I don't remember his name

Keysa said...

Ohhh I have a good and a bad/ugly all in one. Gotta shout my hood ninja (D.S. which SHOULD stand 4 D!CK SLANGA) 4 putting it down til my knees shook. Swelling it so i could only pat dry! I still owe u pay back and even if i cant get my vendetta I will love trying OVER AND OVER AND OVAAAA! Yezzzuhhh

OK now the bad an Ugly M.G. (which should stand for MIDGET GIMP) Cuz that would best describe his DI SMH@ that. Whats worse than having a vienna sausage ninja, is having one with a cocky (i guess all his COCK went to his) ATTITUDE that CAN NOT get *HARD. Maybe my small burst of laughter after feeling 4 it with my HAND broke his concentration. Ewwww and it had the nerve to look like a HOT dog turd. So Nothing popped off except the condom that he tried to tape on ROFFLMAO. So glad I didnt have to add him to my notches. GREAT guy for a woman thats not into sex...But I aint her lol I forgive u M.G. just move on

C Bubbz said...

My Coochie Vendetta goes to little, tiny, miniscule dick ass M!! He had a bad attitude but I did enjoy his tongue play...still his shit wasnt worth the time I wasted.

My Coochie Christmas Card goes to my Boothang- Mr. SweetMeet... I'd go into detail but I shiver @ the thought of our sex sessions so I cant type all that. Mmmm mmmm EXCELLENT!!

NaturallyAlise said...

My coochie vendetta goes out to the muff muncher who took the word eat way too literal, and bit my bits. Boo his azzzzzzzzz....

Anonymous said...

the song is gucci bandana

Nessia said...

My coochie vendetta goes out to GM. Big dude, thought he would be packin...turned out to be a 4 inch lil wiener. He thought he was puttin it DOWN too!

Xmas card would definetly go to PDC, my alpha man with the tireless tongue and giant snake.

Ms. Shai said...

I'd like to thank anonymous for the info.

The vendetta goes to 'get this' an islander that could not fck, would not eat and had me laughin with the baggy magnum. had the nerve to pull out the gold wrapper just to let his biz hold it up like a rubber tent. It was room left over to set up a cot in there. Least he wasn't from my island, I wouldn't be able to jump as high at the parades I'd be so ashamed.

The X-mas card goes to the ex who come through occasionally to take care of kitty. He so nice to it he deserve a card some milk and some cookies...much as he be askin whassup wit 'em.