Monday, December 8, 2008

Seis Preguntas

Ok. So one of my avid readers, Millie T, mentioned the fact that I missed posting 3 questions last Monday, to which I responded, in a more than saintly fashion: "Shuddup, biatch!"
(Haha! J/k! Luhh you, "Meal.")

So, to pacify that
"child of God," as well as the others who noticed the same, today I'll present you with 6 questions.
These are TRILL questions that I'd like answered, via the comments section, PLEASEandEMEETREEITLEE!

1) How Young Berg gon' get a show, yet the people don't know how that lil jheri head "Lil' Richie" from "Family Matters" is surviving the times?

2) Why IS it a crime to want to recreationally ingest plants and chemicals for a lil’ mind alterization from time to time, but it's perfectly fine to drink, IN PUBLIC, and get pissy drunk to where you don't remember walking from your car to your front door-BAREFOOT-at 2am?

3) Could you picture Mary J. Blige with a dirty blonde, gel'd up, weaved up, dirty scrunchied hairstyle if she never got famous? (Yup. Me too.)

4) If Queen Latifah’s head was smaller and her eyes were closer together and she was shaped like a woman instead of a right tackle, don’t you think she’d look similar to Beyonce...or is that just the purp talkin'?

5) WHY does every reggae or dancehall song have the words “likkle” (little) or “yoot” (youth) in them? I don’t care if the shit is about elderly leukemia, there’s going to be a “likkle” or “yoot” in there SOMEWHERE.

6) Why did the Lawd give ignorant, illiterate azz ninjas the biggest and best dicks...and me no antibodies to fight off my addiction to them?


NaturallyAlise said...

1. Lil Richie, Lloyd and Stony Jackson are teaming up for the new Tyler Perry extravaganza "Joe the Policeman: Long Hair Don't Care" live from Jackson Heights, presented by Carefree Curl.

2. good muvvafugging question... i don't partake, but I still dont understand why it is illegal.

3. Yes. an emphatic yes.

4.purp talking, but good try...

5.why does every reggae (dancehall anyway) song use a stank blatant sample of bad pop music.

6. girl, i think if u answer that you have the cure for cancer in your back pocket too....

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Thanks to the chick that posted first, I'm all up in yo' blogosphere now.

I don't know what's good w/Lil' Richie. I heard he is supposed to be parking cars @ the Inauguration next month. Young Berg be damn'd!

I will never understand why the greenery is criminal. It's as good as glitter and donuts to me.

Didn't MJB do that in 1996 or so? Or was I high?

I was high and apparently, so were you.

Reggae/dancehall is the work of the devil! No explainin' that level of evil.

The Lawd did it cuz He wants us continually callin' on His name.

Ms. Shai said...

1. Wasn't there a very special episode where it was revealed that his father was Debarge?
"real love burstin ou of every seeamm"
-I refuse to think about Young Berg.

2. I have no idea why. America ain't figured out how to make money off it like they do with the cancer sticks. And they're still afraid it will make "white women behave promiscuously with negro jazz musicians" - 1st US Drug Czar.

3. Yes.

4. Now Dana used to be a lil more trim on Living Single, but she ain't never looked anything like Beyonce and if you really thought that then I just might have to see whts good w that purp.

5. Lawdamercy...Woiii. I'm Jamaican, i'll tell you the secret. They talk like that because those words are fun to say. They don't care about the yoot.

6. That question made me sit and think about my life for a solid minute. Theres no escape.

Mela3 said...

1) He is on Young and the Restless last I checked (I dont follow the show) but I know he looks fairly handsome. If you google him you'll see. He actually has been nominated for an Emmy 3 times, and won last year. Someone needs to see what Laura ass is up to, cause last thing I remember her in was "Ride". Yung Berg is a waste of space, I never heard of his ass before "Sexy Lady" came out, and i'm from Chicago. What we need is a show with that guy ho is in that video with him.

2)As many have said before, what the government can not regulate is always illegal. If they could find a way to work with the other countries to get a profit (not that they dont already, then you would be buying mind altering substances at Sam's Club as you stalk the sample lady like a lion. Side bar: Those bitches need to man their stations and quit playing by setting up but leaving before they make any food. Stop talking and give me the fucking food.

3)Shit Mary was a step from that back in the day, so it is not far fetched.

4)In that particular picture, yeah maybe, but I think Mama Tina would assassinate her if she did look like her.

5)Its that same as with rap songs having some sort of grunt or unnecessary noise in it. Someone else did it and now people think its the thing to do.

6)I'm sure there are some good guys with big dicks, but they arent as aggressive letting you know. Plus the ignorant dudes need something going for them. Its like dumb as fuck, live with your mama..hmmm big dick for you. That and its just another conspiracy to destroy you Savvy.

S A V V Y F. Baybeh! said...

Word? Lil' Rich makin' that New Milleni paper?
Well, sheeiiitttt! He don't need this lifetime supply of plastic pillowcases care package I just sent out...

jamie (aka afro) said...

#5 b/c they are easy words to understand me thinks.. i lurve dancehall either way!

#4 queen latifah is a gud actress and entertainer, i wonder why wandas out and she isnt?