Monday, December 8, 2008


What in the Mavis Staples "I'll Take You There," (2:25 mark) Cloris Leacham "Dancing With The Stars," Wilona, "Bye Bye, Bugga!" FUCK?!?!?!!!

It's quite obvious Mama Yvonne cursed "gifted" Keyshia with this wretched, ratchet azz "Boxing Match Anthem-Singing" wig at Saturday night's bout between Oscar "Fishnets" De La Hoya and his ass-whooper, Manny Pacquiao. (Cuz any of you who catch "The Way It Is" on BET know Miss Yvonne got a wig for EVERY occasion.)

Since I was at home illin' like a villian, I didn't catch the fight.
Who did?
And what did YOU think of that Chester Cheetah sitting atop Keyshia's dome?


ChiChi10 said...

I don 't understand the foolishness that was KeyKey Coles that night. From the outfit to the wig and then...the singing.

*Sigh* & *SMH*

bun_ebombshell said...

I was outright confused and the monstrosity that laid on Keyshia's head. And I agree that the whole Tina Turner inspired get up was the idea of the legendary Ms. Yvonne.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I was the one black woman in the room @ the fight party when she came out there, shaming us in that hair. Errybody looked @ me like I was supposed to be able to explain that shiggity. That wig shoulda never seen the light of day!

And the sangin...Jesus be a fence around my tympanic membrane.