Monday, February 22, 2010

Three-OH! Flow

**waves excitedly**
Remember MOI?
NO?! :'(

...or truth-telling. :'(

I apologize for my absence. But Life has been calling and I've been pressing "Talk."
I've been through so much, GREAT and TRAGIC since the last time I graced this blog with my portly presence.
The biggest of it being that I-Lover of all things wild, crazy, and 20s-has left that stage of life to turn 30.
**three fingers being thrown in.yo.FAAACE**

I'm now happily comfy in my 3rd decade and like my family, friends, Sushi, 2-Buck Chuck, vintage accessories, and fashion-forward fat items on DEEP discount:

Read more about my journey to accepting that I'm no longer a 20-something here
(Shouts and Shots to ThePBG for bringing light to my Life's flight. I heart her. And you will, too.)


Ralonda said...

YYYAASSS!! You're back!

Taiwan said...

this blog smells like dog food!

suga said...

Yay! You're back...ive missed ya! Well not really, since I see you on the twittah er'day but you know what I mean!

Quick said...

looking fab at 30!; welcome back

dylantsmith said...

The fact that you put thought to pad...err...keyboard again is enough to make my spirit do the James Brown split (when he had his good hip).

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Go Savvy!! Glad to have you back amongst the bloggin' world!!

ODARA said...

I really enjoyed reading your letter about embracing the 3-0 !!! You ROCK girly (you know this :-) Welcome Biz-zack!!!!!


Thanks all you heavy heathen lovers!

Jhazzai said...

I'm not gone say that I'm glad you're back cuz everytime I say that you go off fishing again. So I'ma say the opposite. "Naw! Don't ever bring yo azz back to this blog. You don't ever have to write anything to inspire our mentalities and to arouse our intellect at all!" Okay, I didn't mean that.... *grabbing on Savv's leg as she opens the door and kicks my azz out on the front porch*

Sam said...

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Amir Khan said...

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