Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blue Magic trippin the Light Fantastic!

photo courtesy of Crunktastical

Look at Edday trying his damnedest to enjoy a HETERO bump and grind **whispers** for a change. Seems as if he ain't enjoying it TOOOOO much. Peep how he's lookin past homegirl, trying to see if Johnnay is wrapping some body's tight in the distance. Don't he know...his boy wants to PAWDEE AWL DA TIME! PAWDEE AWL DA TIME! PAWDEE AWL DA TIIIIIME!??!!!!

Is it me...or do you think homegirl is getting a HEAPIN' HELPIN' of the scent of Johnnay's boohootay meat being all up in Edday's face like that?