Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rug Lovin'

I'm as excited as homecoming queen getting her period, mayne!!!!!!

I just LOVE a fresh start and my new little cute studio apartment is just the refresher I need right now!

I'm going DECORATING CRAY-ZAY! Can't wait to spruce up the already cute little place, with its hardwood floors and brand new paint! Even though it's cute, please believe I always gotta put a lil' Savvy Fatty stank on it!

Ok...look at these things from 2Modern that are making me insane in the membrane they are so GAW-JUS!

**salivating uncontrollably**
Look at the X-shaped rug! This would go POI-FICK in my (planned) all-white living room! I can see the contrast now and I'm in LUST!
Now...if I could only find the 'S' and the 'E' shaped rugs to match... (heheheheheeee!)

I'd sit this cute lil' yellow Damask-printed pillow in my white Tulsta Ikea chair.

Picture this pink lady lookin HAWT! mounted in a shiny silver frame over my black or white couch. **tongue wagging, shirt soaked**