Thursday, January 31, 2008

Like Helen Keller...

...I ain't really got much to say today.

Still shopping for the perfect items for my new little place. Hitting up various decorating and small space blogs to see how I can PIMP MY STUDIO!

Also, been hitting up Craigslist seeking a part time gig cuz a beeyatch is BROKE.
So...don't be surprised if you see ya Savvy Fatty in Erotic Services kneeling on a cheap motel room bed, sportin' a crooked silky straight wig, red and black nightie, white fishnets, and clear heels holding a white teddy bear with a red heart talking about,
"Creamy Caramel BBW to keep you warm for these cold, lonely nights. Outcalls only! Purrfectly priced! Starting at 150 Roses an hour. Don't hesitate to call! *6*1*9*9*7*6*C*H*U*B*"

**singin and almost cryin** I said it's HAAAWWWWD OUT HEA' FO' A PEEUMP! When you tryna get this money for the rent...and a Chipotle Barbacoa burrito...and a Caribbean Passion Jamba Juice...and some skinny jeans in my size...and a new couch...and a new bed...and ANYTHING from!!!!!!!


**OH! Check out the new clock on the bottom of the blog, snitches! Ain't it hot?!??!?! Well actually it's cold...served fresh I mean.
It's SUSHI!!! (<--just like a fat girl, right?!?!?!!)


nica said...

lol ok i c how to comment.. i just don't pay attention that's have u looked at for furniture?