Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Black History Month, SNITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!! Vol. 3.0

I've been slippin' on my post pimpin ( Blame it on the RAIN! YEEEAAHH! YEEEAAHH! ) so here I am hittin' you off with 3 Black History facts! We have a RICH history! Let's celebrate it!
Oh and...

1777-Vermont became the first American colony to abolish slavery. By 1783 slavery was prohibited in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Pennsylvania passed a gradual emancipation law in 1780. Connecticut and Rhode Island barred slavery in 1784 and were followed by New York (gradual emancipation) and New Jersey in 1799 and 1804, respectively. Slavery died in the North as a direct result of forces set in motion by the Rights of Man movement.

1881-Blanche Kelso Bruce was a US Senator from Mississippi; the first black man to serve a full term in the senate, and the first person born into slavery to preside over the senate. While serving in the senate, he was an advocate for civil rights for blacks, native Americans, Chinese immigrants and former Confederates (as we remember, the radical republicans weren't too nice to that group).After serving in the Senate, Bruce held many government appointments, including Register of the Treasury (appointed by President Garfield), recorder of deeds for DC, and a second term as Register of the Treasury. Bruce was the first African American to be represented on US currency, in the form of his signature as Register of the Treasury.Register of the Treasury 05/21/1881 through 06/05/1885and12/03/1897 through 03/17/1898

And for us FATTIES in the house!!!!!
1897-Alfred L. Cralle invented the ice cream scooper, patent #576,395