Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama's dipped in butta...

...and could pimp the blood outcha MUTHA!

Word on the streets is that the Repubs are making it rain on Obama.

No wonder he's raised like a BAZILLION times the money the Clinton campaign has. The Repubs want those dayum Clintons stopped! They already embarrassed their asses during the 90s. They DON'T want a 3-peat!

That's coooolllldddd business for John McCain. How can your OWN constituents defect to another party's candidate?
So what that he helped Pharaoh's daughter discover Moses in the bullrushes. Who cares that he'll be in bed right after the CBS Evening News goes off? Or that he'll be too busy gettin the Early Bird Special at the local diner to worry about lawmaking and bill approval. He could still be an effective leader. Centrum Silver and all!
The Republicans are colder than...**thinking, thinking**...themselves! DAMMIT, MAN!