Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Homeless

Stars without makeup!
photos courtesy of Star Magazine

I know everybody can't be a 10 all the time. It's a LOAD of work...sez the girl who used to REFUSE to leave the house without precision-drawn on eyebrows, pounds of mascara, and lips greasier than Miss Peachez Fried Chicken. Ya heah' may?
But as I grow older (and lazier...and my OWN set of eyebrows! YES! FINALLY!) I'm pretty much over it. So DON'T be alarmed if you peep me making an early Saturday morning Wal-Mart run looking like Leukemia Jenkins. Progress is a slow process. ESPECIALLY when that process involves trying to replace what you, FOR YEARS, Bic'd or Nair'd off. D'oh!

Anywhoo, peep these stars lookin' like the rest of us for a gatdayumed change.

Here's my mistress (behind my wife and my future {NO R. KELLY!} Babymama #1) just slightly off her game. She's still maintaining the same amount of fuckability she has when she looks like this. She just looks like she has a little bit of a cold, that's it. Doesn't stop my nips from singing a happy song!

**handing message to Kathy Griffin**
Powder called. He wants his swagger back. ASAP.

**hands Kathy another message**
Oh yeah...the sun called. Said it's still shining...and free!

Damn, Jess I know the movies ain't been doin' the HOTTEST...but I had no idea ish got this bad. Mean to tell me Romo ain't breakin' a bitch off? Daaaaaammmmnnn! I have 4 words of advice for that sitcho: SNATCH THE CAT BACK!


kimmysan said...

Kim is a hot biatch (and only looks slightly busted without makeup)!! I guess it must be all chicks with that name...*wink*

Oh, and damn you for the Ms. Peachez...lmao...I almost forgot about that hear me!!