Saturday, March 15, 2008

**tappin' foot while boilin' pot of grits**

I'm about to go OFFFFF Mama-Payne-once-she-found-out-Gina-killed-her-bird-style!!!!

**Blood temperature on 'Hell'**
photo courtesy of BOSSIP

You buyin' this bitch SHOES, Floyd? Word?!
You trickin' dough on this ho, Floyd?
Don't she got her OWN money? Why you gotta bring sand to her beach?! Wasn't she in one of the biggest selling girl groups of ALLL time? Shouldn't she have some munnay in the bank to buy her own shoes?

**recalling VH-1's Behind the Music: TLC**

Ok. Aw'ight, Floyd. Maybe the bitch DOES need a lil' sponsorship.
**screaming** But so do I!! I'm the one bringing home half a watermelon Jolly Rancher and a subscription to the Pennysaver every two weeks!!! And I shooooo' don't remember you gassing up the Maybach to take me to Payless so I can tear the American Eagle, Airwalk, and Montego Bay sections DOWN! No! Cain't do that for me! But you trickin' on The Gods Must Be Crazy Jr.'s ex-cumbucket.
Ok. I gotchu!

**raises pot up off the stove**