Tuesday, March 18, 2008

THESE look like folks I'd have over my house!

**unpinning ponytail, re-sealing Vaseline, and tucking shank back into sock**

They are fam-ma-lay family!


Look at Kay-shuh Co' and her uterus donor, Frankie, and good-for-fertility sis, Neffie, looking like respectable folks for a change!

This is the first time I've seen Neffie's lips not looking like an ashy set of Brach's Neopolitan Coconut Sundaes. At this moment I need you to REFRAIN from acting like you don't know what I'm talkin' about!

These pics are from the reunion show for The Way It Is.

I'mma need that show to come back on like...**checking watch and Outlook Calendar**...LAST WEEK.
That was my ISH!
My existence hasn't been complete without seeing Frankie poppin' off for NO GOOD GATDAYUMED reason and then ending up dayum near in the fetal position once she realized A) shit WAS NOT that serious...or B) that she was wrong and making a muthafuckin' scene at Universal Studios in front of "company!"

My heart also yearns for that ever-present, brown probably ProStyle-stained, dingy "Celie" scarf wrapped around Neffie's head, fuck the fact that she was being filmed for NATIONAL TV.

And let's not forget those times when it was balled up in a corner somewhere between th O-A-K and the ATL, the endearing non-blendance {<-yeah, I made that up...so?} of her natural wool and Cherry Cola mixed with Louisiana Hot Sauce-colored weave.

COME BACK, GUYS!!! I miss your dysfunction that made my dysfunction seem so non-dysfunctional after all these decades!

Tell me: Does Nef-Nef look pregnant or as if she recently gave birth? Wonder if she ended up keeping that crackhead's baby or not...


**impatiently sitting Indian-Style in front of TV waiting for the reunion to air**