Tuesday, March 4, 2008

**Head pressed HARD against monitor**

photo courtesy of Star

Over the years, especially since I fell in complete and total love with "Kiss From a Rose" and respect the fact that even THIS brotha can pull a SUPERmodel-type notch, I've grown less and less mortified distracted by the state of the shit sprays on Seal's face. I celebrate individuality no matter how it comes...rather it be an odd hairstyle, crazy outfit or a dhiarretic face, I'm always like DO YOU!
But now, as if our minds aren't preoccupied enough with the fact that we're at war and Kelly Rowland's tryna re-release an album that not even deaf people want to hear...there's a new diversion.

Is it just me and my doja-blown mind...or...Is that a GUITAR carved in the side of his dome?!?!!!!
Talk about strumming some pain with his fingers!!!!!