Tuesday, March 4, 2008

All Eyez on YOU, Texans and Ohio'ans!

Senator Clinton is somewhere shakin' in her power suit and nylon bloomers today as folks in Vermont, Rhode Island, Texas and Ohio head to the polls. If shit don't go right for her in Texas AND Ohio...it's a WRAP like Saran. In both states' polls, Obama and Clinton are neck and neck.
If the last 11 races are any indicator, Hillary will be SPEEEDIN'! Rick Ross and R-Kelly-style back to NY.

So, to all my readers in the GREAT, ILLUSTRIOUS states of Texas and Ohio (yeah right! I know nobody past the person who types this out on a daily is reading my blog. **tears as I stab at wrist with a rusty spoon**) make it rain on a hoe!!!!!!!!!!!! Get out there and show ya love for the Presidential Soul Patrol: Barack Obama!

**chants while pumping my fist** OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA! CHELSEA: It's a wrap for YO MAMA!!! YO MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!