Friday, April 18, 2008

Guess I'm the ONLY muddasucka that likes "Roaches," huh?!


Yahoo! Music is calling out the WORST rappers of AAAAALLL time and I have to admit, it's pretty accurate.
I'm DYIN' laughin' at them calling out Bobby Jimmy and the Critters. Don't they know they were TRYING to be bad?
SHEEEEIIIITTTT!! They hay'in! Bobby Jimmy and 'nim had some classics! If I could find it, you'd hear me beatin' down the block bumpin': "Is it really yo haaaaiiiiirrrrr/Or is it really a weeeeaaaaave?"
Man! 80's babys, STAND UP!!!!

However, I'm pretty sure a YUP! in my Y T compiled this list because I don't see a few folks who should be FRONT and emm-effin' CENTER.
**side-eyes Trina, the WHOLE Dipset, Birdman, Crunchy Black, and dude who spit, "She cook/She clean/I'mma smell like onion rings" on Webbie's "I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T"**

Getcha bars up, folks! And if you cain't, find ol' boy who T-Pain sold his soul to and GET ON YA GRIZZY!
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nica said...

hey i 'member that jam! i thought it was hotter than the rumors song! blast from the past...big ups to russ parr from roaches to radio!