Monday, April 21, 2008

Damn, homay!

Ok. So, Bernard Hopkins let the Brit get all up in his grits at Saturday's fight.


DAAAMMNN, homay! Against Calzaghe you wud'nt da man, homay! **wondering if Hop can smell what the glove was cookin'**

Ok. Enough of that since, thanks to Captain Morgan and 'nim, I didn't get to watch the fight anyway. Guess HBO thought they was too good to broadcast live from my toilet bowl.
HAYDUHZ!!! But that's neither here nor there.

Look who was in the house like Mighty Mouse! Front row centa' like, "Yeah! I'm DAT ninja!" (Yeah, I see Whitney, looking alive!!! I ain't EVEN gon' hate! All I'mma say is "YAY YOU!" and "GET DAT YOUNG COCK!")


Wow!! What a difference a dick makes!
Before Ray dicked my babymama, Kim KardASShian, down (with a pants python that's MUCH too slim for myyyyy taste) nobody was checkin' for him. I GARE-RONE-TEE if this was just a couple of years back and he tried to sit FRONT ROW at a fight, the security guards would be like, "Wait a minute!" I bet Brandy wasn't even invited. Guess now since Ray's shinin' harder than his parents' daughter, she'll be labeled as "Ray J's sister"...or "Shawty Is a Killa!"


Sane said...

I would gladly punch Willy Norwood Jr. in the face with 3 sets of brass knuckles, with the intentions of making his face look like Kanye West's did after that accident. I hope Whitney didn't hug nobody that really missed her at that event because it looks like that mangled mess on her dome woulda slid clean off.

Lina M said...

Ray J and Whitney don't even look right together..How much is he getting paid to make Bobby mad..
Oh and you've been tagged Savvy!