Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Wanna Sick Duck In This Club


Photo Source: Cliff Watts

Don't know why, but when I peeped the piece about Uh-shuh over at Essence, my imagination went wiiiiiillllld like a child smokin' Black & Milds.
I won't taint your innocent lil' minds with what was going through MYYYYY dome as I read the following quote.
But I will say that the above photo is doing the complete opposite of helping. Tameka's beeyotch got that monkey-from-Outbreak-watchin'-a-Noah's-Arc-marathon swag ON PIZZ-ZIZZ-OINT! So I'll pose a question:
What comes to YOUR mind when reading this quote?

“My first single takes you back to the beginning of my life story--[reintroducing] the guy who wanted to
hustle and play in the club but eventually making his journey to lifetime,” he says. “Life will take you through high and low valleys, give you seasons—rain and shine. Ultimately, the end of this story leads to a lifetime [fulfilled]. That’s what this entire project is all about.”

**hastily searching drawers for hot pants, tube socks, and a feather boa**
Anyone else up for a stay at the YMCA?!


kayellejaye said...

Wow. He sounds real special.