Saturday, April 5, 2008

Like a Ref With a Whistle?

It's official, according to, Bouncy and Camel Yo are man and wife.

**claps hands half-heartedly**
Yaaaaayyyy them.
Wake me when the wedding pics are released. I'm itchin' to see what kind of wedding dress fuck shit Tina Knowles and her tacky band of House of Scary-On elves cooked up for the occasion. Something tells me that lycra, taffeta, fox tails, an Admiral's sleeve insignia, and an acid wash side panel were poppin' like hot fish grease.


kayellejaye said...

God I hope Mama Tina didn't design her dress. If it's anything like that tickety tack tacky "bouquet" we'll be in for a great laugh.

Miss Sweetberries said...

I am not posting about this wedding either. I need to see some "walking down the aisle" or "jumping the broom" pics. I ain't the one for the speculation.

Sane said...

lol!!! You know that crap was tackier than Dennis Rodman's closet.....word izz is that they let her wicked witch ass design the entire thing.

Anonymous said...

I heard Beyonce's preggy n Jay was lkn faded as hell at the bachelor party (prob cuz he gotta be wit fakey fo life - he need a real beeyatch to hold him down)