Thursday, April 10, 2008

RIP Sean Levert

Here's an excerpt from Sean Levert's obituary, featuring pics and words from his wife, Angie. This is sweet. R.I.Pigsfeet Sean LeVert!
Wow! I had no clue he had a wifey at the time of his death. I just thought he was some sorry azz baby daddy running around, tucking his "Casanova" bucks from his baby mamas.

And from the pics below, it ain't hard to tell which kid wasn't eatin' off that "Just Coolin'" dough.
What's up with lil' mama lookin' like the Khia and Godfather of Soul bumped uglies in the backseat of a 1987 Aries K-Car? Looks like she mighta been in jail strapped up right next to pops. Damn.